Execution way




1. Imparting Vision

2. Identification

3. Affirmation

  • Our experts are skilled with a variety of types of analyses, researches, and strategies.
  • Visioning & Affirming
  • Discover business items
  • Identify key business people
  • Tap into the latest research
  • Build the connections


4. Recruitment
5. Screening  

  • We identify the right people who are used for the right activities. Start up local business
  • Set the strategy
  • Access local and global network
  • Develop criteria and qualifications


6. Training & Equiping

7. Mobilisation of Resources

  • For executing business strategy, we provide hands-on mentoring and oversee the implementation process.
  • Provide educational materials from business training to global communication skills
  • Be equipped through practical input
  • Develop market opportunities


8. Deployment                                                                         

  • Experienced people are connected with strategic opportunities to serve in other countries.
  • Expand business practices
  • Share business models
  • Collaborate with local communities and nation
  • Make a transforming impact for God’s kingdom in and through business